PT. LIRIK LOMBOK MANDIRI has been established since year 2000 with the trademark of: Lombok-Property, having offices in the area of West Lombok (Mataram) and Central Lombok (Marong Village, East Praya)
The uniqueness of the sale and purchase of land that has been carried out for more than a decade is that the land being traded is mostly private land (private owner) of PT. Lirik Lombok Mandiri and only a small portion is jointly owned and or nominee by the founder.
Due to the rapid development of the Central Lombok especially Kuta and around the Mandalika Area , as well as the growing of Lombok tourism potential in general, then a small resort was built in the Bumbang area in the year of 2010 namely Bumbangku Beach Cottages.
Located in front of the beach (lagoon) with the concept of natural eco environment, this resort offers accommodation made from natural materials (bamboo and reeds) combined with the natural beauty of the beach as a blessing for the best blue lobster breeding in Indonesia, close to the surfing area and sunset views which is spectacular, makes this resort able to attract travellers from overseas (Europe).
Now, with the development of Lombok as an international destination, PT Lyric Lombok Mandiri is developing a wider business in the field of consulting in land allotment investments and hotel management.


Sahnun Ayitna Dewi, also known as Nunung, is the inventor and owner of PT. LIRIK LOMBOK MANDIRI. Starting her career as a hotelier in several hotels in Senggigi, Lombok she has a very strong determination to establish her own company due to an increased interest in land and property for Kuta and Central Lombok regions.
Then CV Lombok Property was established in 2000.
Ups and downs at the beginning of the journey , ‘doer’ business in offering land with all its challenges including dealing directly with legal matters, making her understand the twists and turns in this business and smartly making it able to turn profits so that she owns potential land in various tourism areas.
She also has a strong vision to preserves the nature beauty and culture potential of Lombok while develop the eco green & sustainable environment and nurture the potential of local human resources, especially in Central Lombok to be independent and able to compete in their own region.