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Inspired by the the greenery of Marong Village, one of important district with busy road to reach Kuta and Mandalika areas through Awang Fish Port then passing the spectacular Bumbang Beach and Tunak Hill & Forest Conservation areas , an idea came to mind to establish a coffee shop (Kedai) as a stopover place to unwind – and quench the thirst or just relax to enjoy the beautiful sunset in the afternoon.
Kedai PAWON BANGKET, was built very simply by harmonizing locality and potential to create a comfortable atmosphere in a village. The visitors may enjoy the ambience of beautiful rice fields and farms while enjoying traditional Lombok ginger brewed coffee, PAWON BANGKET’s special menu of Begibung (a communal dining set ), Jaje Sasak (traditional sweets and savories) or pastry and bakery by our local talented Chef.

Get Good foods at affordable prices!

Welcome to Kedai Pawon Bangket, you wouldn’t want to go home…!

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Jalan Sukaraja, Bangket Marong, Praya Timur,
Lombok Tengah, Nusa Tenggara Barat (83581)

Phone : 0821-4546-8676